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A range of bird boxes custom designed to appeal to various species:

Entrance holes are protected from cuckoos and squirrels by a metal plate and sized to suit various species (25mm, 28mm, 32mm and 44mm).

Full-width slot openings are for robins, thrushes, blackbirds etc (25mm and 55mm high).

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Our bird boxes are designed using RSPB guidelines and we therefore have a number of variations for the various different species found in Wales.

The wood is not painted or treated with preservatives and is thick for insulation. The finish is left rough to allow the birds to grip on.

The entrance holes are reinforced with metal to prevent cuckoos or squirrels from gaining entry. The hole size varies for different species, and the lids open for inspection or cleaning. Some breeds prefer a slot in place of a hole, we make various sizes to suit.

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Opening size

25mm circular, 25mm x 110mm rectangular, 28mm circular, 32mm circular, 44mm circular, 55mm x 110mm rectangular